In the heat of the moment, we can all say some pretty crappy things to our partners. While most of t

Things You Should Never Say In a Relationship

In your lifetime, you will probably have to prepare for lots and lots of job interviews. Every interview is different because every job and every in

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Q. What are the things one should say at every interview?

This is my list for any role. What will I be working on - an example project would be greatWho will I be working with. What are some challenges in this roleWhat are my options for growing in this role/company. Read More

Q. What is the most offensive or hurtful thing you can say or do to a man and to a woman?

Now I know where the term “HELL HOLE” originated from!Tell a man, or woman, “ who ever told you, that you knew how to F**k, LIED! ” ouch…Seriously, on a scale of 1 to 100, with 1 being the worse, I’d rate your ability to sexually please a woman / or man/ about minus 1000!Was that the c Read More

Q. Should I say sorry to a girl that I had feelings for her?

This looks like one of those questions where the original question is inscrutable, the Quoraverse eventually modifies it and adds detail, more people respond, then the details get modified again so newcomers don't have a clue what they're responding to.I mean, should I apologize to someone I ha Read More

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Barnet Canvassing - Saturday 14 April (morning)

Barnet Canvassing - Saturday 14 April (morning)

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Tunbridge Wells Branch - Big Door Knock

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