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Q. What is the most offensive or hurtful thing you can say or do to a man and to a woman?

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Now I know where the term “HELL HOLE” originated from!

Tell a man, or woman, “ who ever told you, that you knew how to F**k, LIED! ” ouch…

Seriously, on a scale of 1 to 100, with 1 being the worse, I’d rate your ability to sexually please a woman / or man/ about minus 1000!

Was that the cold toilet I just f**ked, or was that your vagina?

Who left the seat up on your vagina?

I’d rather sit on your nose, than your dick - your nose is bigger and harder!

Gee - all scrotum sack- no penis!

Where’d you get your penis, Toys R Us, because you sure play with it a lot!

Is that a pubic hair or your penis?

Now I know where the name NEEDLEDICK the BUG F**ker, came from!

I wasn’t into necrophilia - until I screwed you…

If I throw a penny in, can I make a wish? Referring to a woman’s vagina.

I dropped a rock in, how long before I heard it hit bottom? 20 maybe 30 seconds? again, / a woman’s vagina.

Hello down there… down there… down there… down there…/ a woman’s vagina

“Geronomo!” Just before you enter her

Just a minute… I need to get the bush hog mower to clear a path. / referring to a woman’s excessively thick vagina hair.

Whoa… for a quick moment there, when you lifted your arm, I thought you were flashing Bush!

She’s kinda fun, if you can used to the smell of tuna and feet!

Your breathe smells worse than a public urinal!

Does it bite? It looks really mean! guess…

Your teeth remind of, wait… I got it, a rusty school bus!

Are you sucking on a canoe, or is that your nose?

In high school, they called her the Toad Hole!

Damn! What smells like a dead cat? Him or Her.

Your face reminds me of a Baboon's Butt!

At first I thought a skunk was in the yard, ( or bed ) but then I realized that you opened your legs!